Why Bixi Bikes Are A Bad Deal

As a long time proponent of cyclocommuting, I was very excited about Bixi Bikes coming to Toronto. Unfortunately, their bizarre pricing structure makes it quite a let down.

A Review of Internet Reviews

Working for a marketing company has made me realize just how frequently "user-generated content" is being manipulated by companies.

The Lost Art of Haggling

When did getting a deal become so unfashionable? Why are people these days so willing to pay full price? I attempt to revive the art of haggling with a some useful tips.

Has the Pharmacy Really Changed?

After a visit to an apothecary museum, it becomes clear that the drug store experience may not have changed as much as we'd like to think it has.

Nuke the Economic Crisis

The first step of my economic recovery plan involves putting every nuclear weapon on Earth to good use.

Sustainability in Economics: Escaping the Downward Spiral

A commentary on the current economic crisis and some suggestions on how to create a more robust, sustainable economic system.

Microeconomic Explanations for Recent Macroeconomic Trends

Economists often (understandably) get swept up in the world of macroeconomics, focusing on aggregated market performance indicators like stock indexes, GDP and employment rates. Is there a simpler explanation?

Christian Science

Small Towns Are Changing

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