Nicole and I helped Regina Cycle Club organize a ride day on the new highway before it opened and got a huge turnout - even interviewed by the news!

Nicole and I took a cycling trip down to Kaohsiung, including a ferry trip out to Xiao Liuqu. I synched up the video we collected to one of my favourite Mad Caddies songs.

We strapped the GoPro onto our scooter and set out for a drive around Hsinchu.

Hsinchu has a yearly traditional dragon boat race. Many of our English teacher friends organized a team name "The Foreign Devils", and I showed up to video tape the super close finish!

Just a quick check-in from the top of the great wall near Beijing.

Baseball is serious business in South Korea, especially in Busan - home of the Lotte Giants!

Nicole and I filmed this video after hiking to the top of Mt Hallasan on Jeju island, South Korea. Read the related story about our trip to Jeju Island.

In early 2012 we drove a uhaul (towing our car) with all our possessions from Newfoundland back to Ontario. We captured images every few seconds during the entire 3100km drive, and created this timelapse video from the source. Along the way you'll see Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario.

A timelapse video I made of shovelling out during a snow day in St. John's.

The Mummers Parade is a Newfoundland tradition, and we had a great time visiting.
Mike at Chance Cove, NL - photo by Angelina Friskney,