Another Single Issue Election?

Posted on Jun 14, 2006
As the Toronto Municipal Election approaches, candidates are scraping together money, and citizens are getting a first glimpse at what the contended issues are likely to be.

Many aren't surprised to learn how little things have changed over David Miller's term. It seems the talking-points of his 2006 campaign will be nearly identical to his choices for this years' election. The only change is perhaps that "gun-related crime and violence" will bump "the waterfront revitalization project (incl. the island airport)" from the number one spot.

David Miller's main asset at this point seems to be that he has a lack of serious competition. Jane Pitfield (current city councillor) is probably the mayor's strongest opponent, but a poll by Environics reported on May 1st ranked her support at only 20%, compared to Miller's 54%.

What issues would you like to see mayoral candidates discussing?

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Mike at Chance Cove, NL - photo by Angelina Friskney,