Cycling Around Taiwan Part 3 - The West Coast

Cycling Around Taiwan Part 2 - East Coast

Cycling Around Taiwan - Conquering Taroko!

Cycling Around Taiwan Part 1 - The Northern Cross

Gamcheon Culture Village

Tucked away up on a hill in Busan is an interesting place called Gamcheon. What was once a ramshackle refugee camp has been converted into a colourful culture village, ideal for a morning walk.

Jeju, South Korea's Beautiful Volcanic Island

We pop over to Jeju Island, South Korea, where we visit a very impressive lava tube, get lost in a hedge-maze, and climb 1950m to the top of Mt. Hallasan. We round out the trip with a few beers on a nice beach.

A Busan Baseball Game

We attend a baseball game in Busan and learn why Korean baseball fans have a reputation for being fanatical!


It only takes a few days in Hiroshima to realize there's more to this city than its atomic bomb history. We explore the city, and take a trip to Miyajima Island.

Spa World Osaka

Billed as "Onsen from around the world", Spa World in Osaka is a massive complex devoted to hot tubs, saunas and pools. Nicole and I spend a rainy afternoon soaking, and even try the water slides!

J League Game Report - Gamba Osaka vs Urawa Reds

One thing we love to do while travelling is see sporting events, and we were happy to see that soccer is alive and well in Japan. We took the opportunity to see a J-League game while we were in Osaka and had a lot of fun despite the heavy rain!

7 Things To Love About Tokyo

After only a week in Tokyo, I find it easy to see why so many people love this city. I break down our favourite things in a short list.

All Aboard The Curry Train

We visit Niagara Curry in Tokyo, where the curry is served hot, and is delivered by model train.

Washington DC - The Library of Congress and the War of 1812

Nicole and I visit Washington DC, where we find out the American version of what happened in the war of 1812.

Timelapse Video of Moving from Newfoundland to Ontario

We recently drove a uhaul (towing our car) 3100km from Newfoundland back to Ontario, and created this timelapse video on the way.

Ten Things I'll Miss About Newfoundland

In honour of our departure from Newfoundland, I've compiled a list of the ten things I'll miss most about living on the rock.

Timelapse of Shovelling in St. John's

A little time lapse video I shot the other day after a snow storm, when I finally shovelled out to make a beer run.

The Grand Concourse Trail of St. John's

The Grand Concourse Trail in St. John's allows an escape to nature, without having to even leave the city. It also has great potential to relieve growing traffic pressure caused by commuters.

The 2011 St. John's Mummers Parade

The Mummers festival culminates in a fantastic parade, with hundreds of people dressed in bizarre costumes marching through Bannerman park toward the Rooms, where a massive party is waiting with live music and delicious snacks.

Hiking The Long Range Traverse, Gros Morne, NL

We recently completed one of the multiday hike across Gros Morne's Long Range Traverse. The trip was filled with beautiful scenary and memorable wildlife encounters.

St. Pierre and The Burin Peninsula

If Newfoundland and France had a baby, its name would be St. Pierre. We travel from St. John's down to the Burin Peninsula and take a short ferry ride across to islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon.

The Spout Path, Petty Harbour to Bay Bulls, East Coast Trail, NL

The Spout Trail is one of the most beautiful sections of the East Coast Trail, and probably the most challenging as well. The hilly terrain traces some impressive cliffs, and crosses some more than enough streams to get your boots soggy!

A Panorama from Signal Hill, St. John's

Just a quick update to share a view from atop Signal Hill.

A Perfect Newfoundland Summer

Between our camping trips and having visitors out from Toronto, we've barely had a moment to catch our breath - Luckily the summer air here is warm and clean.

Canoeing in Algonquin

A brief account of our recent canoe adventure in Algonquin Park.

San Francisco, CA

Nicole and I take the opportunity to explore northern California during her recent temporary placement in a laboratory at UC Santa Cruz.

Japan - Kyoto

Laura and I spent a week exploring the city of Kyoto and its temples.

Japan - Osaka

I met up with my sister in Osaka, where we spent a few days before moving on to Kyoto.

England - Manchester

After our week in London, we took a train to Manchester, where we met up with my relatives. We also had the chance to take day trips out to York and Caenaferon.

England - London

A summary of our trip and reflections on our experience.

Starfest: Woodstock for Astronomers

Weekend at the Cottage and the Rockhound Gemboree

Field Day with the UofT Amateur Radio Club

University of Toronto's Amateur Radio Club heads up to Hart House farm in Caledon Hills, for the annual field day event.

Toronto to Port Hope - The First Metric Century Ride of 2005

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