Posted on Jun 01, 2005
Jun. 2005 - Sept. 2005
Technologies: PHP 4, MySQL 4, FlashMX 2004, Windows 2003, IIS

SourceLink is a large print firm with clients like GM and Curves. I was contracted by them to help create a custom web-to-print ordering site for Curves franchises. They had a designer and Flash developer on the project already and needed some help with the ordering process and database design. I programmed a shopping cart and an extensive backend reporting system in an extremely short time frame. The software made use of Flash to make the customization step of the ordering process very interactive and easy to use, and I worked with the Flash developer to make this step interact with PHP and MySQL. Curves was very happy with the result and SourceLink is pushing more units and even attracted a few new clients as a result.

After the Curves project, SourceLink called me again to help with part of a GM project their junior developer was having difficulty with. GM dealership data was to be gathered and submitted from an external source (a .NET web service). At the time PHP's SOAP functions weren't as developed and I programmed this part for them using the nuSOAP library.

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