Running Room Advertising Tracker

Posted on Jan 01, 2007
Apr. 2007 - May. 2007
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Apache 2, CentOS Linux

RunningRoom has nearly one hundred stores across North America and Commercial Design is responsible for all aspects of their website. Previously an advertising manager had been tracking the production of creative pieces and related advertising budgets manually, but as the number of stores grew, this became unmanageable.

I was tasked with creating a tool to track advertising campaigns for each different store, region and medium (eg. radio, newspaper etc.). Each time an ad is purchased, the advertising department uploads the creative piece and a description of where it is running etc using the tool.

The tool also featured a graphical reporting tool, showing the time periods for which ads are running, with filters by region, store and medium. This allowed the advertising department to identify gaps in their ad campaigns, or effectively focus their ads around running events the running room was sponsoring.

The tool also played an important role for the accounting department, allowing them to generate purchase orders (as PDFs or HTML) for advertisers and invoices for companies involved in split campaigns (for example, Nike will often pay for 1/2 an ad featuring shoes on sale at runningroom).

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