New Faces Talent

Posted on Nov 01, 2004
Nov. 2004 - Aug. 2005
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, CSS, JS, HTML, Linux

New Faces Talent offers online portfolios to prospective models and actors. When I started working with New Faces, the owner had simply been making the portfolios by hand after people had payed. I was contracted to automate the portfolio creation process, allowing models to sign up themselves with minimal staff involvement.

During the 6 months following the launch of the new system I'd created, New Faces had over 30,000 new members with free portfolios, and sales of payed portfolios had not only increased dramatically, but were now also completely user-created (100% labour free!).

As the site continued to grow, I tackled performance issues related to increasing table sizes and web traffic. I also created an admin tool for support staff to use to moderate content and track sales.

New Faces Talent eventually moved its office to New York and it's membership and revenue are continuing to grow at a steady rate.

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