LaunchPad Marketing Survey Tool

Posted on Jan 01, 2006
Feb. 2006 - Apr. 2006
Technologies: PHP 4, MySQL 4, AJAX, PEAR, Apache 2, CentOS Linux

LaunchPad Marketing is a company that produces sample packs targeting specific ages and genders. Companies offering products like deodorant and shampoo pay LaunchPad to include their products in sample packs with similar products. LaunchPad came to us looking for a way to learn more about the customers who buy the sample packs as well as gather marketing information they could sell back to the participating companies.

To meet this requirement, I created a survey tool which allowed LaunchPad to create targeted surveys for each specific product pack. A web address and survey code were included inside each product pack with some sort of enticing contest (eg. "enter to win a free ipod by completing this survey"). The tool allowed for many types of questions to be created (eg. radio button, checkbox, text boxes). Each survey contained questions about the different products in the pack as well as collecting general personal information from the participant.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the project was the extensive reporting area. The software dynamically created pie charts and bar graphs for multiple choice (radio button) and multiple check (check box) questions. It also allowed customer data to be exported into MS Excel format for easy importing into existing databases. An email marketing tool was also created to allow LaunchPad to email customers when product packs similar to ones they have purchased in the past are available in stores.

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