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Posted on Jun 01, 2007
Jun. 2007 - Jan. 2008
Technologies: InDesign Server, PHP 5, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Server 2003, CSS 2.0, Prototype AJAX Library

Jessam is a creative marketing company with a few major clients such as McDonalds and Nissan. Jessam came to us with a vision of an interactive tool which would allow customers to easily customize and order their creative pieces online. The purpose of the project was two-fold: First, to attract new customers. Second, to allow franchise owners of existing clients more customization options and a faster/smoother approval process.

The software I created used Adobe InDesign Server to render images for previewing and print. Using InDesign Server's scripting language (based on javascript) and its SOAP communication ability, I created a PHP class to allow easy interaction with InDesign server. Creative designers upload a collected InDesign template they've designed and then, from within a web browser, select which elements customers will be able to customize (eg. price, location map, main image).

Outside of the InDesign Server aspect, the project used PHP and MSSQL for the ordering process and reporting. Aside from typical ecommerce capablities, the project had several unique requirements for different types of users. Regional managers were able to easily approve new orders. Administrators were able to view reports, recent orders and manage users/customers. Designers were able to manage creative assets. Warehouse staff were able to view approved jobs and mark them as fulfilled.

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