Posted on Feb 01, 2007
Feb. 2007 - Apr. 2007
Technologies: PHP 5, MySQL 4, Javascript, DHTML, Apache 2, CentOS Linux

The goal of HistoriCanada.com is to make learning about history fun for high school students. The project received funding and support from Telefilm Canada and Histor!ca and was managed by Bitcasters. Bitcasters worked with Firaxis games to make a fun and informative Civilization 3 mod based on the history of Canada. Players can choose to play as many different European and First Nations civilizations, and as the game progresses, learn interesting facts about the history of Canada.

My involvement in the project was to create the website where players can download the mod, discuss the game, and read articles about Canadian history. The work included a custom content management system with a special ability to manage a "Canadian History Timeline" feature on the site. The site also contains a forum (phpBB) where students can converse with experts. Another neat thing about the site is the "victory videos" section. After students win as a certain civ, they can log onto the site and viewed a video related to that civ. In order to make the videos easily accessible, I converted them to Flash Video format from the MPEG and enclosed them in a flash video player.

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