Posted on Mar 01, 2007
Aug. 2006 - Dec. 2007
Technologies: PHP 4, MySQL 4, FreeBSD, Apache 1.2

Golffusion provides membership services and tracks golf statistics for hundreds of golf clubs and associations across the US. When I became involved in the project, the site was plagued by bugs and performance issues, security was non-existent (including serious sql-injection vulnerabilities), and the code was poorly organized with entire sections of code duplicated through the site making maintenance and upgrades a nightmare. After putting out several fires requiring immediate attention, we began to strategize with GolfFusion to plan some incremental upgrades to slowly, and budget-conciously, add features and replace their shoddy existing code with a sturdy framework.

Initially, the primary purpose most clubs were using the site for was collecting membership dues online through paypal. The first new feature I worked on for the site was switching the payment portal from paypal to Cybersource (Bank of America). The transaction rates were so much lower that it actually allowed GolfFusion to collect a per transaction fee (greatly increasing their revenue) while offering the clubs themselves a lower percentage fee. Once the new payment portal was in place for membership fees, I added similar functionality for tournament registration and a web store.

As a result of my involvement in the project, GolfFusion has increased revenue significantly and signed several new clubs. Eventually I handed off the project to another programmer at Commercial Design, remaining involved in a managerial / consultative capacity until I left Commercial Design.

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