Commercial Design and Multimedia

Posted on Oct 01, 2005
Nov. 2005 - Feb. 2008
Technologies: PHP 4/5, C#, .NET, MySQL 4/5, MS SQL Server, Visual Studio 2005, Flash MX 2004, CSS, AJAX, Apache 1.1/2, CentOS Linux, Windows Server 2003

During my two and a half years at Commercial Design I worked on dozens of projects ranging from simple content sites to huge enterprise level applications. I was hired as a programmer, but the company nearly double in size during my time there and so did my responsibilities. By the time of my departure I was not only programming but also managing projects, scheduling tasks, interviewing and training new staff members, gathering requirements from clients, quoting new projects, drawing up specifications and strategizing with the owner.

I learned a lot during my time at Commercial Design and I've stayed connected with several of the employees and the owner. A few of the projects I worked on there are listed separately with more details in my portfolio.

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