Certica Inc

Posted on Oct 01, 2004
Jan. 2004 - Dec. 2004
Technologies: PHP 4, MySQL 4, Flash, ASP.net, Windows 2003, FreeBSD Linux

During my time at Certica, I developed several personalized web-to-print ordering applications for clients like Honda, Mazda, ISI, Stirling Realty and more. Certica is the Canadian reseller for a variable printing product called DataLogics 1000. Variable printing software allows companies to personalize printed pieces on a per-person basis. So with Mazda for example, a piece of mail can be sent out when a customer is due for regular maintenance addressing them by name and even with a picture of the specific car model they own. One particularly interesting project had me setting up a PDF generation system using windows 2003 server and ASP.net for a marketing company who had bought DL1000 from Certica.

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